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As you are probably aware, the LDA Health Plan Trust (LDAHPT) has been in the process of rolling out a new health benefit plan for LDA members. Due to an unfortunate and unforeseen combination of issues with one of LDAHPT's vendors and recent changes in the health insurance marketplace, the LDAHPT Trustees have determined that certain aspects of the plan are not consistent with providing the best possible coverage options for our members. Accordingly, LDAHPT has decided some fine-tuning to the plan are in the best interest of our members and have initiated discussions with other actuaries and consultants to ensure that the adjustments made will optimize the plan's potential to serve our member's needs.

This move will further delay LDAHPT's ability to issue quotes for those applying for coverage, And, a delay in the first effective date for coverage (currently January 1, 2019) is a distinct possibility. Obviously, this is extremely disappointing for all in the LDA family who have been eagerly anticipating the launch of an LDAHPT plan. And, all involved in LDAHPT are acutely aware that the timing of this announcement could hardly be worse, coming as it is on the heels of highly visible announcements that the LDAHPT plan was ready for business. However, the LDAHPT Trustees and LDA leadership feel strongly that their commitment is to ensuring LDA members have access to the very best coverage options possible in the current marketplace. And there is an overwhelming consensus that pressing forward without making these changes would be inconsistent with that commitment.

It is the hope of all involved with LDAHPT that the process now underway will yield positive results swiftly. More information will be shared as soon as it becomes available. It is our priority that these actions will conclusively fulfill LDAHPT's solemn commitment to ensure LDA members have access to the very best coverage options possible in the current marketplace.


Dr. Danny Weaver, LDA President

Dr. Lane Eddleman, Chair, LDAHPT

Dr. Keith Kyler, Vice Chair, LDAHPT

Dr. Emily Little-Cassis, Secretary-Treasurer, LDAHPT